I’m Thomas Boie Rasmussen and I work as a design researcher at Deloitte Digital.

I deliver insights to companies so they can make informed decisions. I have experience working for banks, pharmaceutical companies, governments and telecoms.

In November 2016 I completed my masters degree in digital management from Hyper Island, a creative business school in Manchester.

My insights are informed by getting out of the office, off the internet and speaking to people where they live, work and shop.

I am always looking to collaborate and meet new people so please get in touch: rasmussen.tb@gmail.com

User Research: How to do it and why it will save you time and money


I shared my thoughts on the value of user research at the Digital Experience Meetup in Basel Switzerland. 




digital product

TalkTank enables professionals to make a voice or video call with an expert freelancer in a variety of fields.

With the insight that there are 1.9 million freelancers in the UK and that by the very nature of this work there is time in-between assignments, we sought to monetize this untapped intellectual capital.

On June 10th, my team and I launched a minimum viable product to test some assumptions. Firstly we needed to know if professionals would be willing to speak to a stranger, secondly if freelancers would be willing to receive calls and thirdly if professionals would pay for this service.

We built an MVP and ran a 12 hour prototype in which we offered our own creative advice to anyone in the world. During this period, we received 17 phone calls and 38 freelancers signed up to take phone calls in the future. We followed up each call with a survey and found that 75% of people who called said that they would pay for this type of service.

On June 16th, my colleague and I pitched TalkTank to a packed auditorium as part of a startup challenge and we were awarded first place. 



Empowering refugees to scale their businesses through micro loans and mobile payments

Refugees Are Entrepreneurs

Fintech for good

Over a weekend in April 2016, I participated in FinTech For Good hosted by Innovate Finance and facilitated by Claro Partners.   

Infosys, a global technology and innovation consultancy asked us to combat financial exclusion particularly in rural areas of underdeveloped countries and within refugee communities.

Our team developed a platform that helps entrepreneurs living in Zaatari, a refugee camp in Jordan scale their businesses and get access to micro-loans through mobile payments. We won the challenge and I was given the honour of presenting our idea at Guildhall. 


Voice Controlled Lighting

internet of things

In between consultancy jobs, my co-workers and I at inventid ran a design sprint around smart lighting.  Over the course of 11 days we researched, interviewed, sketched, hacked, designed, coded, 3d-printed and built a working prototype.

Ultimately, our prototype was used as a way to learn about the internet of things and to demonstrate our process to new clients. Read all about it here.


Work Life

Digital product

BrightHR is a Manchester based startup that enables small to medium sized businesses implement HR administrative processes. They asked my team and I to present a 10-year journey into the future of their product. 

In five weeks we conducted extensive desk research around the future of work, technology and the shifting culture in the UK. To compliment our secondary research, we conducted interviews with people working in small to medium enterprises. 

A combination of primary and secondary research lead us to prototype, test and build an app that converts an individuals work data such as salary, sick days, holidays and pension into a visual overview. Our product is the Google Analytics for your career. 


team website.jpg


team building tool

Teamweek is an online project planning platform. Our challenge was to conceive an icebreaking tool for new teams.

We created an activity in which team members share a random photo from their phone and talk about it. Team members are encouraged to follow up with questions and conversations around the photo. The goal of the exercise is to get to know your new team through sharing a short and uncurated story about yourself in a fun and easy way. Learn more about the activity here